felix says, enough is enough

well, that was a game that should have ended twice before it actually did.  after boosting up woody and his abilities, he lost concentration for a minute, and forgot who he was picthing to.  hasn’t he heard of jason bay? didn’t he know that the only hit the pirates had during dempster’s run was by that same jason bay?  regardless, woody got his first taste of that feeling when the ball leaves the park with a 2 run lead in the bottom of the ninth.  guess it’s better to get it over with, and have him realize his mistakes early in the season. 
derosa keeps swinging the bat well, deelee was cold as a bleacher seat on waveland ave in april, and aramis is still our main man.  too bad another newbie, Hart had to ruin it for the second time.  thank goodness felix “the apple” pie broke out and actually helped the team. that was encouraging to see.  you could see it from his body language – he really wants to help us win, and is willing to do whatever it takes.  i liked him last year, and continue to enjoy watching him grow as a player.  no wonder he’s my wife’s favorite cub. 
and just when i start talking about corey patterson, he goes and hits his 4rth homer of the season.  he seems to really enjoy playing for baker. 
well, i’m off to chicago this weekend for a visit with some old friends, a bachelor party, a dinner at ditkas, and i’ll actually be able to watch the cubs game sun afternoon at a chicago bar!  very exciting.  it will def bring me back to my old days of living on the north side, biking down to wrigley, and enjoying the laid back midwestern ways.  gonna be great times for sure!
now let’s keep this streak alive…do i hear 5 in a row?  bueller, bueller?

opening day

well, this is my official “first official” official blog entry, ever.  not like, i did it last year on a different site, and now i’m trying it here.  no.  this is my first post ever.  but i’m going to give it a try, and see how it goes.  or maybe i’ll just see how the season progresses and then go from there. 

anyway, so i think we got off to a pretty good start.  i say pretty good, because we’ve seen some flashes of some really good points, and also some not so good points.  first, our home runs look promising, after being cold on that front for a lot of last year.  however, deelee is finding his stroke, and FuDo is an instant hit on the north side.  that’s a huge boost to our group of guys, and i think he’ll prove to be extremely “itchiro-like,” and will give us that “erstad, eckstein” scrappiness we lacked in past years…play that we thought might come from players like corey patterson.

unfortunately, derosa can’t make a play at 2nd, and sori had his first true taste of the wrigley field wall.  maybe he shoulda talked with Moises before getting to comfy back there.   i hope he didn’t get too comfy, too quickly, but only time will tell. 

i do feel good about our chances, though…and feel like the brewers will cool off in may.  sheets looks awfully strong and clean, though, but we’ll see if his health continues.  those guys are serious ballers, and will definitely be in the thick of things (hopefully with us) throughout the summer.  the reds are off to a strong start, and with baker calling the shots, they have a chance to put a good number of wins.

i do feel ok about our record as of now (4-3), and LOVE the way woody has thrown the ball.  i knew it would take him some time to grow into his role, but he seems to enjoy the pressure, and is no stranger to wrigley noise, or late game heroics.  so, if he can remain healthy, i think he’ll do great for us.

also, what’s the over/under on # of days it will take until murton gets called back up?  lou loves that guy!  and plus, i have faith in him after seeing him hit a game tying 3 run home-run late in a rain delayed game last year in philly.

well, that’s about it from here.  if you read, please take the time to post a response.  i would love to have an “open forum” type atmosphere for these blogs, so if anyone has any suggestions for topics of conversation, i’m open and willing.  now, back to business…”GO CUBS GO!”  beat those bucs tonight!